Five dating profile mistakes

Are you making these common mistakes on your adult dating profile?

  1. Uploading the wrong type of photo: Your profile photo is the first thing anyone sees so choosing the right one is vital! It should be a good photo but also a good likeness of you and  accurate. It should be recent and not Photoshopped. Try and upload a selection of photos. Casual, smart, seductive. Avoid uploading photos that contain other people in it.
  2. Being too ‘average’. Everyone likes going out and being with their friends… but what makes you special? Be interesting and try and paint a picture of who you are and what makes you different.
  3. Telling porkies. When you lie you will probably eventually be found out. Everyone shaves a few inches here and add add a few inches there but dont go over the top. No one likes a time waster or a liar.
  4. Blank profile. A blank profile will just get ignored. It’s the next worst thing to having no photo. You’re either boring, lazy or fake. Make an effort!
  5. Writing a novel. At the same time no one wants to read a novel of a bio so keep it short and sweet and interesting.

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