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Has anyone had any experience of the adult dating website Real Sex Contacts – It’s becoming one of the fastest UK sex contacts websites on the scene with a growing base of males and females so we’re interested to hear from you if you have used the website.

Write about your experiences, the good the bad and the ugly in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Real Sex Contacts Reviews

  1. I joined last week. Seems ok so far. Will give a proper review soon.

  2. weve been members for the last few months and weve met some lovely ppl. all sites have theyre share of weirdos and freaks and this site is no exception but after a while you soon learn to ignore the dodgy ones. site does need a block button though. writing to support to do it is a pain in the arse lol

  3. only had 3 ‘dates’ so far but one of them didnt turn up and was never heard from again! dont know if she got cold feet or never intended to meet!! goes without saying that I was royally fucked off as id spent over 100 quid on travel and accommodation. the other 2 werent exactly lookers but had a good time none the less. dont expect to find your future wife on this site lol

  4. I’ve tried a few of these sex dating sites before and also tried plenty of fish with was a load of bollox! This one seems to be the best one so far although they dont have as many women as they’d lead you to believe. There was only 10 or 12 women local to me (only some responded) so had to look a little further out which isn’t ideal when you dont drive. Some of the meetings have been worth the effort some definitely have not. Also they’re mobile app can a bit hit or miss but maybe that’s just down to my crappy old phone. If I was to give this site marks out of 10 it would be 6 or 7. They just need more women in my village

  5. Joined at the beginning of summer. I dont know if everyone was on holiday or somerthing but I didnt get that many responses at the beginning but now more people seem to on the site. I guess everyone’s back from holidays. Anyways, I did notice there was some profiles that were almost too good to be true so I avoided those as you know what they say but on the whole the experience was good. No dodgy Nigerians asking for my bank account details so far! But there support is very good. Whenever I’ve had a problem they’ve dealt with it pretty quickly unlike some other sites I’ve used before. Pros: Loads of members in my area (male and female). But no subscription option. 1 date. 1 shag. Result.

  6. Not really the best site for couples. There is no option to join as a couple so we had to join as a girl. Not a big problem but we got loads of messages from men when really we were looking after a girl. It didnt stop us having fun with some pretty hot women but we could have done without the daily cock pics haha

  7. quite good but need a way 2 stop the creepers stalking u. had to delete my profile pix in the end

  8. You need to add a members online near you feature guys. Other websites have it. I’m finding it hard to find people near me who are online now.

  9. i like your dating site but not enough hot guys. Text me guys. Let’s hook up

  10. Lots of hot real woman.Everything was fine until my wife found out.

  11. the mobile app can be slow at times. maybe its my old phone but it still shouldnt be slow

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