Beginners guide to anal sex


The most important part of anal sex is preparation.

Now I do not mean just a couple minutes before doing it, I mean days to even weeks!

Weeks you say..?

Yes really! The average sized penis is too big for most first timers.

At the end of the day you want to enjoy it. There is a reason a lot of people say it’s painful or they tried it once and will never try it again.

So, preparation!


Use a butt plug set, they come in all shapes and sizes – perfect to start with!

Get a set or couple ranging in size from small to something the size of your partner – or bigger (my little tip)

Start with the smallest one, lube it up, pop it in and go watch tv or something.

After a while you will forget all about it!

Then over the next few days work your way up in size, start with the smallest each time, then put a bigger one in after you are comfortable with the smaller one (take the smaller one out before putting the bigger one in)

When you are comfortable with a butt plug the same size of your partner you are ready!

All prepared, no worry of pain.


When it comes to anal sex, I hear/read this a lot!
Normally followed by they only do anal once a year or they do not like it blah blah.

Now by all means use lube – 100% do.


You do not need to be a slip slide back there, if anything it makes you feel messy/dirty (and not in a good way)

Some friction during anal is fine, you want to be able to feel it – as it feels great!


No backing out now..

With the prior preparation I advise, you should have no troubles with this but here are a few tips just for you.
– Breathe in when going in , opens you up and makes everything easier
– Feel like pushing out during? this can take a little getting used to. Stop, take a breath and start at your own pace when ready
– Partner on the larger side? Try leaning forward of backwards – can make deeper penetration easier or just stay at a shallower depth
– Push down slightly(like you are going for a poo) – this will open you up which makes penetration easier
– Relax! Do not get worked up by it, you being relaxed is the most important part.


O my – What if there is something left on his…eww

With prior preparation this should not happen but if it does, o well!

After all – it is your ass!

If your partner can not handle the possibility of something being left behind, then they clearly should not be having anal sex at all.

For your peace of mind, have some tissue/wet wipe close.
When you are done – wrap the tissue around the base of his penis and pull upwards while you get off.

Taking the condom off at the same time if you are using them (recommend)

Clean, quick, any mess left will be very minimal!

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